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RENT A JACUZZI For a weekend or a week only OUR CONCEPT Ofuro suisse neige DELIVERED IN FRENCH SWITZERLAND Traditional, wood oven, bubble bath, LED lighting OUR CONCEPT For an
For you
to relax
For a
romantic instant

Our Concept

“Our traditional Nordic wooden Jacuzzi for rent for a weekend or a week, in your home, turnkey, anywhere in the French-speaking part of Switzerland”.

It is possible and easy !

We offer for rent our traditional wooden Jacuzzis inspired by the Japanese bath called “Ofuro”. Our Jacuzzis use a wood stove to quickly heat a volume of water to 38°C for up to 8 people. The fragrance of the wood fire combined with a bubble massage system and multicolored LED lighting create a unique relaxing atmosphere with friends, family or in couple. The conviviality and atmosphere created by our Jacuzzi stops time and will take you into memorable discussions until the end of the night. Our professional turnkey delivery and installation solution is designed to bring you an exceptional experience from start to finish. All of our jacuzzis are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each utilization. 

For what occasion ?


Ofuro fête suisse avec amis

For your parties, birthdays, weddings, gatherings.


Ofuro suisse relax

To enjoy a spa at home with your family or as a couple.


Ofuro suisse relax romantique

For your ski vacations in the mountains whether it is your chalet or a rental.

OFURO: Our traditional Jacuzzi

Since ancient times, people from all over the world have benefited from the therapeutic qualities of hot water. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Turkish and Nordic cultures have long used hot water baths. Hot baths are sometimes also known as spas or under the commercial name of Jacuzzi. There is also a long-standing culture of hot tub use in Japan. Called “ofuro”, these traditional wooden hot tubs have been used for centuries by Japanese families to relax the body and mind. If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

ofuro est notre produit jacuzzi de location traditionnel en bois avec chauffage poel à bois, bulles et lumière led en suisse romande

Up to 8 people


Air bubbles

Multicolour LED lighting

Heated with wood


We deliver in French-speaking Switzerland

Free delivery within a 30km radius of Nyon. We operate in west switzerland (in yellow on the map)

A simple operation in 4 steps

  • Reservation request
  • Deposit and confirmation
  • Delivery and balance payment
  • Pick-up

If you are satisfied with our offer, you pay us a secure deposit of 20% of the final price to validate your reservation.

To book our service, please return us the renting contract signed.  We will temporarily reserve the Jacuzzi for you for 5 working days, time given to you to transfer us an advance payment of 20% of the total renting cost. The reception of this amount will be confirmed by us. From that time on our hot tub is fully reserved and just waits to be delivered to you!

We deliver at the agreed upon time. After payment of the balance and signature of the rental contract we install the Jacuzzi and give you instructions for its use and let you simply enjoy!

On the agreed date, we will come and take delivery of the hot tub. We proceed to the draining and check the state of the installation before proceeding to the removal.


Several formulas are available for more flexibility

Monday to Thursday
During the week, taking time out with your family
From Sunday evening to Thursday evening
Rental of 4 days
Installation included
Wood for a session included
Delivery 30 km included *
Book Now !
Party, birthday, wedding, relax, etc..
From Friday 17:00 to
Sunday 17:00
Rental of 2 days
Installation included
Wood for 2 sessions included
Delivery 30 km included *
Book Now !
Full week
For your vacations in the mountain or at home
Full week from Sunday to Sunday
Rental of 7 full days
Installation included
Wood for 2 sessions included
Delivery 30 km included *
Book Now !
Custom: As you wish
For longer periods, special requests
Special requests
Christmas, New Year, etc
flexible rental
Installation included
Wood for oven on request
Delivery 30 km included *
Book Now !

* Supplement to be added for a delivery located further than 30km from Nyon (conditions)



km included for delivery


kg of wood offered


% pre-payment



Our legal conditions

• We do business with clients over 18 Years old.
• Experiencing a hot tub is a wonderful moment. However, in order to avoid risks related to using a jacuzzi, please read carefully these usage conditions to adopt the appropriate behavior and exclude risks.
• The usage of the hot tub is under the own responsibility of users; we cannot be accountable in case of accident.
• A Child must be imperatively and at any time under surveillance of an adult, inside the jacuzzi but also next to it. Covers are to be placed back over the tub as soon as it is not used and not supervised to avoid any risk of drowning.
• Using the hot tube under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
• Sitting, standing on the tub edge or jumping from it is dangerous and strictly prohibited.
• The stairs can be slippery, especially in wintertime. When using the stairs make sure you use the tub edge as a guardrail.
• The hot tub stove and the chimney are extremely hot, be careful to avoid burns.
• Jacuzzi has to be filled entirely with water before fire is started in the oven.
• For those who have a sensitive heart it is advisable to consult your doctor prior to using a jacuzzi and keep the heart area above the water
•The recommended temperature of the hot tub in winter is 38°C and Summer 36°C. Bathing in the tub with temperatures above 40°C is not recommended. Simply add cold water or snow to cool down the water if require.
• It is recommended to take a shower before going into the tub. The water will stay clean longer.
• Jacuzzi water is to be replaced partially or totally every 48h.

• First 30 km are included free of charge (from Nyon 1260, go and back)
• From 31 km, 2.- CHF per km will be charged. (Charge based on single way distance)
• Access to tub installation area with a minimum width of 2.7m and only slight slope (contact us if different). Min 4m x 4m area for placement of the hot tub.
• If the tub must be installed on your lawn, we cannot be responsible to any damage made to it.
• Access to domestic water and electricity within 20m from hot tub
• Your electrical installation must comply with current mandatory safety swiss standards.
• Cost of electricity and water is excluded from rental (~2 CHF per filling)
• We reserve ourselves the right not to install the hot tub in case of clear risk for the safety of its users, equipment, or installation personal or in case of obvious inaccessibility due to access roads or exceptional weather conditions.

• Advance payment of 20% of total rent cost upon reservation.
• Remaining cost paid upon delivery in cash or 1 day before delivery by bank transfer (total rent cost minus advance payment). We cannot accept payments with debit or credit cards.
• Free cancellation 2 weeks or more before delivery. From 2 weeks up to delivery date the advance payment of 20% of total rent cost is due.


Send us your reservation request now, we will contact you within 24 hours for confirmation

       Date of first day of rental

    Access to tub installation place possible with car and wider than 2.7m
    Access to tub installation place is flat (no slope)
    A water supply is available within 20m from the Hot Tub
    A mains electrical plug is available within 20m from the Hot Tub


      1260 Switzerland

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